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Initially designed for amateur and semi-pro players, the « player » interface is the first module of Esport-Management. It enables to assess your level on the biggest and most important eSport games of the moment and to receive training through a custom training plan.

Upon signing-up, the player choses his favorite game among the most popular and most competitive of the moment. Once connected, he can take a level assessment test consisting of a series of questions developed by professional players as well as our team of developers. This assessment enables to determine the player’s role in the game along with his strengths and weaknesses.

Based on this result, the platform creates a custom training plan based on a series of guides created upfront by recognized pro gamers.

After having trained, the player can increase his level and his rank through matchmaking (only available on a selection of games for the moment). At the end of each game, the platform gets the statistics of the player during the game and provides them to him. These statistics, collected over time, provide a means for the player to track his progress. To push further the analysis of his gameplay, an algorithm enabling to detect strategies adopted in game has been developed. Eventually, this algorithm will enable users to know how their team and their opponents played in order to develop new tactics.

Note that it will also be possible for players to directly create strategies and to access a database of publicly available strategies thanks to new interactive tools.

In addition to the above, the players can also create his “gamer CV” (resume) directly from the platform. He can hence include his past experience in teams, his results in competitions and thereby be able to respond easily to offers from different teams. The CV information can also be made available on his public profile, a true showcase for him. His social networks, previous teams and track record, preferred games, his career highlights, and lastly, his current configuration: type of PC, peripherals, etc.


The “team” interface is for players who wish to progress while playing with other gamers. Using this interface, the player can create/join a team as well as manage a team from A to Z.

Thanks to the Team interface, an Esport-Management user can fully manage a team. He can manage membership, start live debriefing sessions, define the roles and permissions of each other team member, manage recruiting, strategies, budgets, planning and travel.

As with the Player interface, the “strategy management” functionality is also available, enabling players to directly create strategies and to access a database of publicly available strategies thanks to new interactive tools. Note that the team captain will also have the possibility to use interactive maps (Counter Strike, League of Legends, Overwatch, etc) where he can directly draw for all team members and thereby explain much faster and efficiently the tactics to be followed.

The platform also enables teams to launch “pracc’”, training matches to progress. These pracc’ can be sorted by “Tiers” enabling to always play against people of the same level such that the training are most beneficial to all. Each pracc’ enables to keep a record in order to subsequently analyze it.

As the objective of a team is also to truly grow in the eSport world, the users that are part of a team can search for sponsors to help them finance equipment or travel for a LAN. Similarly to the Player interface, teams can fully export their activity as a PDF file to facilitate contact with sponsors. The entire activity of the team can appear on this document in just a few clicks: victories, losses, results, participated tournaments, and existing partners/sponsors. A cloud space is also available to all team on the platform enabling users to share files in a secure manner.

Finally, the chat functionality of the platform enables Esport Management users to have access to a global chat, a team chat as well as a private messaging system between individual users.


This interface has been built for users who wish to get involved in eSport as a manager of an organization. You can manage your business and your players, reach out to partners and sponsors and export a PDF of all your activity.

The “Organization” interface is an upgraded version of the Team interface, most notably as regards logistics. Regarding budget, users can add expenses and revenues, as well as see graphically the costs to facilitate analysis of the costs/benefits of each team in the organization.

Furthermore, organizations have the possibility to create multiple teams, on different games, and to post recruiting offers specific to each of their teams to find and hire new players. Organizations can also, in just a few short clicks, export their entire activity on a unique, customizable document which can be sent to potential sponsors.

Note that each organization can also establish its own online contact book to store all online and offline contacts and hence develop its network more efficiently.

Finally, if an organization reaches a certain size, its manager will have the possibility to seek accreditation for commercial space on the platform’s marketplace, Zoningg, in order to propose services, sell ads or organize tournaments.

Mobile App:

The mobile app was developed to enable Esport Management users to, at all times, have access to information about their trainings, be able to remain in contact with their team members or their organizations. The applications are available on IOS and Android.

Download now on your smartphone the “Esport Management” application which will enable you to always keep in touch with your team members thereby keeping communication fluid. A training schedule has been changed? A planned tournament cancelled? An article in your wish list is on sale? Be informed in real time thanks to notifications sent by the Esport Management application!

Try it! It’s free.



Our “Partner” interface has been developed to support companies and brands (whether endemic or not to eSport) with an interest in eSport. Four modules enable them to reach the gamers on our platform: Product Marketplace, Service Marketplace, Advertising, Tournaments.

Product Marketplace:


Partners can also advertise on our various interfaces, targeting players, but also visitors of our platform.

Based on a Partner’s budget and the target population to reach, they can showcase their products and services in dedicated locations on the platform through pictures, text, and links.

Services Marketplace:

This module enables to use the services provides by our partners directly from our web site. Several service categories exist in order to cover a maximum of domains:

-         Travel: bus, train, plane ticket reservations

-         Lodging: reservations/rentals

-         Other service categories: administrative, coaching, health and well-being, graphical design…


Brands that have impact on gamers are those that know how to manage a viral market where information transits very fast.

It is with this in mind that we have developed, for brands that would like to gain in visibility with gamers, the possibility to organize eSport tournaments directly from our platform. All you need to do is to fill out a short form online, create your event, and benefit from the reach to the Esport Management community.

Once such a tournament is pushed on the platform, all Esport Management users will receive a notification seeking whether they want to participate. Note that to create a tournament, a minimum winner prize of 100 euros is required. This will serve as a guarantee, but also to motivate users to participate. Different tournament models are possible, for solo players, and for teams.

Finally, there are multiple ways to reward users for their participation in tournaments:

-         A cash prize

-         Physical prizes from the partner or from the Zoningg marketplace.